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Manufacturer's experience: how to check the operation of the transformer?

Time: 2020-07-30 14:54    Auther: Ztelec group

After the transformer is installed, it is also necessary to conduct regular daily operation inspections. ZTelec Group tells you how to conduct an inspection, and which areas to focus on.

(1) The oiling of the transformer should be gentle and high, and the display of the low winding temperature should be the same as the control panel or CRT. Check whether the temperature is normal and close to the maximum allowable limit.

(2) The oil position of the transformer storage tank is normal, the oil level gauge is free of pollution or damage, and there is no condensation inside.

(3) Whether the transformer oil flowmeter shows normal or not, whether the color of the transformer oil changes sharply, and there is no oil leakage in all parts of the main engine.

(4) The electromagnetic noise of the transformer has no abnormal changes. The main body and accessories do not vibrate. The temperature of all parts is normal.

(5) Does the cooling system work normally? Does the forced oil circulating air cooling transformer have some fans stopped? Is the fan motor in operation overheated? Are there abnormal sounds and vibrations? Is the pump working properly?

(6) Do the switches in the transformer cooler control device operate at the specified positions?

(7) Whether the housing, iron core and grounding devices of the transformer are complete.

(8) Are the insulating parts such as the transformer cover and magnetic bottle damaged, cracked or discharged? Is the oil level of the oil seal normal?

(9) The primary circuit connector of the transformer is in good contact with or without heat.

(10) Indicates whether the hydrogen monitoring device is abnormal.

(11) Whether the waterproof circuit of the transformer is complete and the pressure is normal.

(12) Regularly check whether the desiccant of the moisture absorber is malfunctioning, and dry after replacement.

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