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Precautions for the storage and storage of insulating rods

Time: 2020-07-30 09:14    Auther: Ztelec group

Insulating rods are insulating tools used to operate live equipment in a short time. The safety of its use is related to the safety of personal and property, so there are strict regulations on its storage and storage.

Insulating rods are insulating tools used to operate live equipment in a short time, such as connecting or disconnecting high-voltage isolation switches, drop fuse sets, etc.

Insulating rods are one of the most commonly used safety tools for rural power workers at the grassroots level. They are mainly used to cut off and transmit power to rural distribution transformers and line switches. Because it is in direct contact with high-voltage charged objects, it is necessary to correctly grasp the requirements and precautions for the use of insulated operating rods.

1. An AC withstand voltage test must be carried out once a year. Insulating rods that fail the test shall be immediately scrapped and destroyed, and the standard shall not be lowered for use, let alone put together with qualified insulating rods.

2. When storing, choose a well-ventilated, clean and dry place, and hang it squarely on the special brake pole rack, which is managed by a dedicated person. The insulating board should not be in contact with the wall to avoid moisture.

3. Once the surface of the insulating rod is damaged or damp, it should be treated and dried in time. It is not advisable to wind the rod surface damage with metal wire or plastic tape. It is best to use the natural sun drying method when drying, and do not re-bake with fire. After treatment and drying, the gate rod must pass the test before it can be used again.

4. A pair of insulating rods generally consists of three sections. When storing or carrying, the sections should be disassembled and then the exposed threaded ends should be placed in a special special tool bag to prevent scratches on the surface of the rod or damage to the threads.

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