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How to see the position of the oil in an oil transformer?

Time: 2020-07-30 15:11    Auther: Ztelec group

The oil in the oil transformer is a very important part and needs to be checked and increased in time. Here are a few ways to look at the amount of oil.

Oil is an important power equipment that must be used in oil type transformers. Generally speaking, the various uses of oil-type transformer oil are also more important, and the amount of common oil-type transformer oil is also important. In the continuous research, the oil level of the oil-type transformer is generally observed, so that the oil-type transformer will be safer and the performance will be more stable. How to observe the oil level of oil transformer?

Oil-type transformers with a rated voltage of about 45 KV or about or with a large volume of 12 KV are equipped with oil conservators. There are about several ways to indicate the amount of oil in the oil conservator, such as connecting pipes, pointer oil level gauges, and metal corrugations. tube.

Connecting pipe means choosing the principle of connecting device. There is a bright red ball in the glass test tube to indicate the amount of oil, which is very visual; some of the pointer type oil level gauges immediately indicate the amount of oil remaining in the oil conservator at the specific position of the needle, or according to different temperatures Matching curves (usually several). Calculate the amount of remaining oil in the oil conservator based on the needle position; for the metal bellows type, use the top of the metal bellows to match the normal oil quantity of the oil conservator with different water temperature (usually the remaining oil in the oil conservator is about 12% of its own oil weight).

The above is the main observation method for the oil level of common oil-type transformers. Only with this method can the oil-type transformer be safer and the performance will be greatly improved. Observing the oil level of oil-type transformers requires everyone to pay attention to various methods and methods, so that it will be more safe and stable.

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