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Causes of vibration caused by oil transformers

Time: 2020-07-30 15:06    Auther: Ztelec group

Oil-type transformers will vibrate regularly when they are working. And the main cause of vibration is the short circuit of the rotor winding.

The oil-type transformer will make a sound when it is working, and it will vibrate during the sound. And the vibration is regular. So what are the vibration processes and conditions of oil transformers?

Oil-type transformers cause vibration. The main cause of vibration in oil-immersed transformers is the short circuit of the rotor winding.

In addition, the uneven air gap and the wrong order of the magnetic poles can also cause vibration. The direct consequence of these reasons causes the asymmetry of the magnetic circuit, and thus the imbalance of the magnetic tension. If the frequency is basically unchanged, the cause of the vibration is the problem of the generator. Using variable speed and variable excitation tests, etc., it is possible to distinguish whether the generator is a mechanical problem or an electromagnetic problem.

The above are the causes of vibration caused by oil-type transformers and various vibration conditions for your reference. If you encounter abnormal vibration of oil-type transformers, please consult our manufacturer or follow our website for details.

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