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Bakelite sheet supplier in Indonesia

Time: 2020-07-30 11:12    Auther: Ztelec group

Indonesia customers saw our several bakelite sheet workshops.Finally, we discussed the price and signed the sales contract.

In early morning of December 26th, 2019, we picked up our Indonesia customers at the hotel and accompanied them to visit our factory. After we arrived at the factory, they saw our several bakelite sheet workshops, and they were surprised at our excellent technology and production strength. Finally, we discussed the price and signed the sales contract. After they paid some deposit, we issued the manufacturing notice to the factory at that day.

Application of bakelite sheet

Bakelite sheet is suitable for electrical equipment as insulation structure parts. It has good mechanical strength, suitable for PCB industry drilling pad, distribution box, jig board, die splint, high and low voltage wiring box, motor, mechanical mold, ICT molding machine, drilling machine, table grinding pad and packaging machine, etc.

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