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Vietnam customers are looking for epoxy g10 material

Time: 2020-07-30 14:04    Auther: Ztelec group

Our Vietnam customers came to our factory for epoxy g10 material.

Our Vietnam customers came to our factory for epoxy g10 material in October 9th,2019. They had heard our company in Vietnam. because our company ZTELEC has an branch in Vietnam. But they finally decided to come to China to visit our factory by themselves. And we are looking forward to establish more offices in other countries now.

Description of epoxy g10 material

Epoxy g10 material is called epoxy resin-laminated alkali-free glass fiber board in Chinese. It is a thin plate with a thickness of about 0.18mm which is synthesized by filling epoxy resin with fiberglass cloth under temperatures above 200°C. Initially, G-10 laminated sheet were used to produce insulation boards for the electronics industry, and they were gradually applied to sports equipment, mechanical materials, and even aerospace equipment.

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