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4 mm bakelite sheet price in Saudi Arabia

Time: 2020-09-21 16:46    Auther: Ztelec group

On September 12, a group of Saudi Arabia customers visited ZTelec Group for 4 mm bakelite sheet.

On September 12, a group of Saudi Arabia customers visited ZTelec Group for 4 mm bakelite sheet.

With a history of more than 100 years, Saudi Arabia company's products almost cover the majority of insulation materials, and it is the largest top supplier of electric bakelite sheet in the Middle East. It has been enjoying a worldwide reputation for its first-class products and the products it develops and creates have reached the world's leading level. Saudi Arabia customers have been paying close attention to the trend of the insulation materials industry, and they are deeply interested in the super market of phenolic bakelite sheet. Therefore, they contacted with our company, and then went to ZTelec Group for a field visit.

In the exchange meeting with Saudi Arabia customers, the general manager of our company first introduced to him the development history of ZTelec Group, the types of electrical insulation products and the situation of 4 mm bakelite sheet production. Later, our company accompanied Saudi Arabia customers to visit bakelite sheet production plant. The Saudi Arabia customer was very satisfied with the strength of ZTelec Group and applied to send the sample of our 4 mm bakelite sheet back to Saudi Arabia for testing on site. In order to ensure the applicability of insulation materials, Saudi Company implemented strict product quality inspection system, strictly checked the performance, packaging and transportation of our 4 mm bakelite sheet in order to obtain the most authentic and effective test report.

After a series of tests, our bakelite sheet finally passed the test of Saudi Company successfully. The Saudi company immediately placed its first order: two containers. The Saudi company said that ZTelec Group is a first-class manufacturer of insulating materials and hopes to maintain long-term friendly cooperation between the two sides.

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