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German companies manufacturer of electric power transformer

Time: 2020-08-13 11:23    Auther: Ztelec group

The workshop from ZTelec Group implements the 5S standard which has left a good impression on our German customers who are looking for electric power transformer manufacturer.

Today was a sunny day. We picked up our German customers at Sofitel Hotel at 9:00 in the morning. Then we drove them to our factory in Xuchang, they lamented the great changes in China along the way. After a while, we arrived at the factory and took our customers to visit electric power transformers workshop; Now the workshop implements the 5S standard which had left a good impression on our German customers. ZTelec Group is a professional transformer manufacturer and supplier. Our main products are dry/oil type power distribution transformer and phase-shifting variable frequency transformer. In addition, we also produce the electrical insulation materials for transformers.

Features of 35KV series of on-load voltage regulating electrical oil-immersed power transformer

This series of on-load voltage regulating oil-immersed power transformers strictly implement the "National Technical Guidelines for Power Systems", and can directly supply power to the power supply center. With the premise of achieving on-site balance of reactive power partitions, the regional load increases or decreases, the products cooperate with the switching of parallel capacitors and low-voltage reactors of reactive power compensation equipment and adjust the taps, so as to ensure the voltage quality of the power supply to users at any time. In addition to small-capacity transformers use layer coils, large-capacity transformers use continuous coil structures for high and low voltages. The longitudinal capacities of terminal are well distributed, effectively improving the voltage at the ends, balancing the distribution of ampere-turns,as well as having low magnetic leakage, high mechanical strength, and strong ability to withstand short-circuits. The transformer body and the general assembly are vacuum-dried and vacuum- oiled in order to fully guarantee the transformer's electrical property.

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