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What are the wiring methods for dry-type transformers?

Time: 2020-07-30 11:06    Auther: Ztelec group

Wiring is a step that must be encountered when using dry-type transformers.ZTelec group has organized several wiring methods for you.

Users need to master the wiring method when using dry-type transformers. If there is a problem in the wiring, it is easy to cause malfunction. So what is the wiring method of the dry-type transformer? ZTelec Group will introduce it in detail.

Wiring method of dry-type transformer:

1. Short-circuit the "input" and "output" terminals of the transformer to test the insulation resistance with the ground wire with a megohmmeter. When measuring with a 1000V megger, the resistance is greater than 2M ohms.

2. The cross-section wiring of the transformer input and output power lines should be in accordance with the requirements of the current value; it is appropriate to configure it according to the current density of 2-2.5A/min2.

3. The input and output three-phase power cords should be connected to phase A, phase B, and phase C according to the color of the busbar of the transformer terminal block, yellow, green, and red. The neutral line should be connected to the neutral neutral line of the transformer, the grounding line, the transformer shell, and the The transformer point is connected. The ground wire and the neutral wire we usually talk about are drawn from the neutral point of the transformer. (For example, the transformer box should be connected to the corresponding ground mark of the box body). Check the input and output lines to confirm that they are correct.

4. Turn on the power without load first, and observe that the test input and output voltage meet the requirements. At the same time, observe whether the machine has abnormal noises, sparks, odors, etc. If there are abnormalities, please disconnect the input power.

5. The load can be connected only after the no-load test is completed and normal.

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