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How to improve the service life of oil transformer circuits?

Time: 2020-07-30 11:03    Auther: Ztelec group

How to improve the service life of oil transformers has always been an important issue that customers care about. As a manufacturer, we have also summarized and listed solutions for different types of oil transformers.

       Speaking of how to maintain the machine so that it can last longer, it has always been a problem for many users. There is always no in-depth understanding and research on this aspect. Today, ZTelec Group will tell you how to maintain the oil transformer circuit to extend the service life.

  First of all, in order to ensure the service life of the oil transformer, it is necessary to stop maintenance on the circuit. Introduction from oil-immersed transformer manufacturers: As long as the oil transformer circuit does not have any problems during the operation process, the service and life of the transformer can be guaranteed. Let's take a look at the maintenance of oil transformer circuits.

  As for the main transformer of the workshop substation with the high voltage side of 6-10KV, the overcurrent maintenance with time limit is usually installed. If the overcurrent maintenance action time is longer than 0.5~0.7s, current quick-break maintenance should also be installed. Oil transformers with a capacity of 800KV·A and above and oil transformers in workshops with a capacity of 400KV·A and above shall be installed with gas for maintenance according to the rules.

  For transformers with a capacity of 400KV·A and above, when several units are operated in parallel or a single unit is used as a backup power supply for other loads, overload maintenance should be installed according to the possible overload conditions. Overload maintenance and gas maintenance act on signals when there are minor problems, while other maintenance, including gas maintenance, usually act on tripping when there are serious problems.

  For the main transformer of the factory's general step-down substation with a high-voltage side of 35KV and above, overcurrent maintenance, current quick-break maintenance and gas maintenance should also be installed. When there is a possibility of overload, overload maintenance is also required. However, if the capacity of a single operating transformer is 10000KV·A and above and the capacity of each parallel operating transformer is 6300KV·A and above, the installation of longitudinal differential maintenance is required to replace the current quick-break maintenance.

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