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Tips to extend the service life of SMC insulation board

Time: 2021-06-18 11:56    Auther: Ztelec group

Do you know how to extend the service life of SMC insulation board insulation panels? Follow ZTelec Group to learn more.

We know that SMC insulation board panels have a lot of excellent performance, they are used in many fields, so people always want to extend the service life of the SMC panels when using. Although the service life of SMC insulation board has a certain period of time, but we can extend through the following methods. Let us understand together what are there.

1. SMC insulation board should avoid direct sunlight or sharp metal scratching, it should avoid too close to the heat source (heating, etc.) when storing, in order to prevent aggravating aging deterioration, so that the insulation performance decline.

2. When SMC insulation panels are used, the ground should be flat, no sharp hard objects. If you find that the SMC insulation board has cracks, scratches, thickness thinning and other deficiencies in the process of use, it should be replaced in time to ensure the insulation performance.

3. SMC insulation board should be kept dry and clean, pay attention to prevent contact with acid, alkali and various oil substances, so as to avoid aging, cracking or sticky after corrosion, thereby reducing the insulation performance.

The service life of the SMC insulation board can be extended by the above skills.

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