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The performance characteristics of bakelite sheet for ICT jigs

Time: 2021-06-04 11:35    Auther: Ztelec group

Bakelite sheet for electrical, paper based bakelite sheet used in fixture. It has good insulation, no static electricity.

I don't know if you are familiar with ICT, but there are three definitions of ICT. The ICT we are talking about here is the second description, which is an automated on-line tester. ICT jigs can check the electrical properties of the in-line components on the fabricated board and the connection of the circuit network. The main materials of ICT jig test stand are bakelite, acrylic, quick clip and so on. This article mainly describes the information of paper based bakelite sheet for ICT jigs.

Firstly, let’s distinguish the two different concepts of jigs and fixtures. Jig and fixture play similar roles in practical applications, so many people confuse the two terms and sometimes they are used incorrectly. In general, the scope of the jig is much wider, and the device that has both control and guidance tools is what we are used to calling the jig. The jig is mainly a guiding tool; Fixture focuses on holding the tool in a fixed position, and the device that only has a grip but no guidance is called a fixture.

What is the main function of the bakelite sheet in the fixture? There are two places where you can use bakelite sheet for electrical. One is the furnace fixture material, and the other is the test rack. Synthetic stone is often used as the fixture material for furnace crossing. Glass fiber board, bakelite, POM, aluminum alloy, etc., the best effect is synthetic stone, but also some manufacturers will choose paper based bakelite sheet.

The furnace fixture is suitable for all kinds of PCB boards with SMD elements on the solder side of the plug-in material. The test stand is designed according to the product to be manufactured. Power supply is a necessary process for product testing, because power failure will burn out many components of the product. The most basic test of power supply is power short circuit and overcurrent. And to avoid the loss, we will generally use high-quality high temperature insulation materials, this is the role of the bakelite sheet. The bakelite sheet for electrical has the advantages of insulation, no static electricity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. That is why the bakelite sheet is selected on the test frame.

Bakelite sheet is widely used in fixtures, and silicone rubber mold because of its insulation and no static electricity. For more information about ICT fixtures used bakelite sheet, welcome to consult our technical staff.

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