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Electrical insulation paper dmd insulating paper DMD insulation sheet

Time: 2021-01-15 10:11    Auther: Ztelec group

Electrical insulation paper dmd insulating paper; F class insulation DMD insulation sheet; Good mechanical strength, good flexibility and thermal stability. Now let's introduce the product to you.

Electrical insulation paper dmd insulating paper is one of the key products manufactured by our company - ZTelec Group. After years of hard operation, we have gained a whole market of our own, and strive to serve new and old customers. Now let's introduce the product to you.

The full name of 6630/6641 DMD insulating paper is polyester film polyester fiber non-woven soft composite material. This product is made of a layer of polyester film (M) coated with adhesive, double-sided polyester fiber non-woven composite type (D), a class of composite insulating material products made from calendering, referred to as DMD.

Polyester film and non-woven fabrics each have the following functions:

Polyester nonwoven fabric: improve the mechanical strength and stiffness of the film, maintain good flexibility, improve thermal stability. Fiber paper has good adsorption, groove wall and the middle of the coil has good adsorption, to prevent the formation of displacement during operation.

Polyester film: the film has good dielectric gas properties, which can fill the dielectric strength of fiber paper.

The adhesives used by dmd insulating paper DMD insulation sheet are acid-free, heat-resistant and have good mechanical and electrical properties.

Polyester nonwoven fabric has a strong adhesion function and can absorb resin when impregnated. Used for slot insulation, phase insulation and layer insulation. The material stiffness is large, suitable for machine off-line processing technology.

The structure of DMD insulating paper DMD insulation sheet can meet the requirements of dielectric strength, material mechanical properties and application process. So it is widely used in electric motors, electrical appliances, transformer and household appliances, electronic equipment slot insulation, phase insulation, wire insulation and liner insulation, etc.

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