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Garolite g10 fr4 glass epoxy rod property and colors

Time: 2021-01-08 10:38    Auther: Ztelec group

Garolite g10 fr4 glass epoxy rod. High mechanical strength,good electrical properties. B and F insulation grade. Generally used for lightning arrester or insulator mandrel,and transformer insulating parts,etc.

Classification of garolite g10 fr4 glass epoxy rod

1. Epoxy glass fiber rod, also known as pultruded fiberglass rod, is generally used for lightning arrester or insulator mandrel.

2. Epoxy alkali-free cloth laminating rod, commonly known as cloth rod or laminating rod, is generally used as machined insulating parts. In the transformer and other products, the mechanical properties are better than the pultruded fiberglass rod.

Properties and applications of garolite g10 fr4 glass epoxy rod

Garolite g10 fr4 glass epoxy rod is used for power electronics, high voltage electrical equipment, high frequency furnace and other insulation equipment. It is made of epoxy phenolic resin as adhesive, alkali-free glass cloth as the base material by heating, drying and hot pressing. Garolite g10 fr4 glass epoxy rod has high mechanical strength, good electrical properties, suitable for electrical machinery, electrical equipment as insulating structural parts, and can be used in humid environment and transformer oil. Garolite g10 fr4 glass epoxy rod is applicable to the electrical insulation parts of H class motor, can be used as arc resistance in switches. The length can be determined according to the customer's requirements.

Insulation grade of garolite g10 fr4 glass epoxy rod

The insulation grades are as follows:

(1) Grade Y insulating materials: natural textiles such as wood, cotton and fiber, textiles based on acetate and polyamide, and new materials with low decomposition and melting point. Limit operating temperature: 90 degrees.

(2) Class A insulation materials: Y grade materials that work in mineral oil and are impregnated with oil or oleoresin composite, like enameled wire, lacquer cloth and lacquer wire, oil paint, asphalt paint, etc. Limit operating temperature: 105 degrees.

(3) E class insulation materials: polyester film and A class material composite, glass cloth, oil resin paint, polyvinyl acetal high-strength enameled wire, vinyl acetate heat-resistant enameled wire. Limit operating temperature: 120 degrees.

(4) Class B insulating materials: polyester film, mica, glass fiber, asbestos, etc., impregnated with appropriate resin bonding, polyester paint, polyester enameled wire. Limit operating temperature: 130 degrees.

(5) Class F insulating materials: mica products reinforced with organic fiber materials, glass fiber and asbestos, glass cotton cloth, laminated products based on glass fiber and asbestos fiber, mica powder products with inorganic materials as reinforcement and stone belt reinforcement, polyester or alkyd materials with good chemical thermal stability, composite silicone polyester paint. Limit operating temperature: 155 degrees.

Garolite g10 fr4 glass epoxy rods generally have insulation grades of B and F. Of course, there are some that can achieve an H grade.

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