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How about the processability of phenolic laminated cloth board?

Time: 2020-08-07 14:44    Auther: Ztelec group

The processing performance of phenolic laminated cloth board is better than that of paperboard and glass cloth board.

Phenolic laminated cloth board is made of cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin, baked and hot pressed. The heat resistance grade is E grade. It has high mechanical properties, oil resistance and certain dielectric properties.

Phenolic cloth board has high mechanical strength, excellent moisture resistance and heat resistance, good electrical properties (the cloth board is worse), and easy to process. Phenolic cloth board is widely used in electrical products. The density of phenolic laminated paper and cloth board is about 1.35g/cm, which is half lighter than aluminum. It is used a lot in aviation and other structures.

Phenolic laminates have good chemical resistance and can withstand organic solvents, organic acids and rare inorganic acids. They are suitable for many chemical equipment and generally not suitable for alkaline media.

Phenolic laminated paperboard can withstand processing such as sawing, drilling, turning, milling and planing, and there should be no cracks and slag after processing. The thickness of less than 3mm can be punched, the cold punching type does not need to be heated, and the general type needs to be punched after preheating. Respectively used for high and low voltage electrical appliances and insulation parts in the electronics industry.

The processing performance of phenolic laminated cloth board is better than that of paperboard and glass cloth board, and its adhesive strength and impact strength are higher than that of paperboard. However, it has high water absorption and electrical insulation after moisture absorption. It is easy to grow mold and is not suitable for use in hot and humid areas. Therefore, it is generally used as insulation structural parts of low-voltage electrical appliances, such as washers, slot wedges, and screws.

There are many types of glass cloth boards, and their performance varies with different binder resins. Compared with other laminates, glass cloth board has higher mechanical strength and heat resistance. Under the action of high temperature, its flexural, tensile and impact strength is lower, but it is still higher than that of rubber paper board and rubber cloth board.

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