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What to pay attention to when using high-voltage insulating rods?

Time: 2020-07-30 11:39    Auther: Ztelec group

High-voltage insulating rods are used as insulating tools for short-term operation of live equipment. You need to pay more attention to methods when using it to ensure safety.

High-voltage insulating rods are used for short-term operation of insulating tools for live equipment, such as turning on or off high-voltage isolation switches, dropping fuse sets, etc.

The surface of the insulating rod is smooth, without bubbles, wrinkles or cracks; the bonding between the glass fiber and the resin is intact; there is a plug at the port of the hollow tube, and the joints are firmly connected.

Pay attention to the following matters when using high-voltage insulating rods:

1) Before use, check the surface of the insulating rod. It must be smooth, free of cracks, and damage. The rod body should be straight, and the connection of each part should be firm, and the test should be qualified according to the cycle.

2) When using, wear insulating gloves and boots as needed.

3) Use high-voltage insulation rods outdoors in rainy weather. In order to block water flow and maintain a certain dry surface, an appropriate amount of rain cover should be installed. No less than 2 rain shields for rated voltages of 10kV and below, and no less than 4 for 35kV and below. Outdoor operation is not allowed when it is raining or snowing without special protective devices.

4) After use, the insulating rods should be placed on the indoor wooden frame to prevent bending and moisture, and preventive tests should be carried out regularly once a year.

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