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The main materials of Copper-Clad Laminated sheet(CCL)

time:2018-11-23 08:50:00 Author:bianji

knowing the constitution of Copper Clad laminated sheet(CCL),It will be more responsive to your needs.

 As the development of electronicl information technology, people require a variety of Copper Clad laminated sheet(CCL), which promotes the rapid development of it.

The main materials of CCL :
1. Copper Foil
Copper foil of The traditional FR-4 board has gradually developed into a environmental friendly product ,which has high elongation, high peeling resistance and low roughness and it is suitable for many applications such as high Tg, halogen-free, HDI and multi-layer plates. Copper foil products for special purposes such as electromagnetic shielding, flexible boards, lithium-ion batteries, high frequency circuits and IC packages.
2. Insulation Impregnated Paper or fiber glass
Recently, the internal and external quality of insulating paper has been significantly improved. Some products of coperation can extremely as the same as export board and halogen-free board.
3. Fiber Glass Cloth
Fiber glass Cloth has been widely used in electrical insulation for decades,because its  high tensile strength, good electrical insulation performance, stable size and high temperature resistance. Especially the process equipment of fibre glass cloth for Copper Clad Laminated Sheet, because of its strictest technical requirements,it has become the high-precision materials.

In the processing of PCB, we mainly pay attention to the heat resistance, surface smoothness, adhesion between copper foil and base plate and substrate material, flatness (warpage, distortion), hole processing (resin drilling), electroplating, chemical resistance, moisture absorption and other properties. 
ZTelec Group has the exprence of producting insulating materials for 60 years,Copper Clad Laminated sheet is a kind of the most important product of our company.