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What’s the Difference between G10 and FR4?

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G10 IntroductionG10 is a kind of composite material laminated with glass fiber and resin."G" stands for glass fiber and "10" should mean that the glass fiber ac

G10 Introduction

G10 is a kind of composite material laminated with glass fiber and resin.

"G" stands for glass fiber and "10" should mean that the glass fiber accounts for 10% of the total.

G10 material has the characteristics of insulation, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance.

G10 can be used as a knife holder.

G10 composite material is made from glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin, originally developed as aircraft material. The material can withstand great forces without damage and deformation. It will not be saturated with water vapor and liquid, and has the characteristics of insulation, acid and alkali resistance. G-10 is harder and more expensive than ZYTEL. Generally there are black, red, blue, green and other colors, while some G-10 also has two levels of color. G-10 has better texture and performance than that of ZYTEL.

G10epoxy board

FR-4 Product Introduction

FR4 is read like that, but its formal written model is FR-4. 

According to different uses, FR-4 epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet, generally known as: FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth, Insulation Board, Epoxy Board, Epoxy Resin Board, Brominated Epoxy Resin Board, FR-4, Fiberglass Board, glass fiber board, FR-4 reinforcement board, FPC reinforcement board, flexible circuit board reinforcement board, FR-4 epoxy board, flame retardant insulation board, FR-4 laminated board, FR-4 board, FR-4 glass fiber board, epoxy glass cloth board, epoxy glass cloth laminated board, circuit board drilling pad. Main technical features and applications are as follows: stable electrical insulation performance, good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, standard thickness tolerance, suitable for products required high-performance electronic insulation, such as FPC reinforced board, PCB drilling pad, glass fiber meson, potentiometer carbon fiber printed fiberglass board, precision planetary gear ( Crystal Piece grinding ), precision testing of plates, electrical equipment insulation bar partitions, insulation pads, transformer insulation board, motor insulator, grinding gear, electronic switch insulation board and etc.

Colors of FR4 epoxy glass cloth laminated board are: yellow, white, black, and blue.

FR-4 is a base material used for PCB. According to different reinforcing material of sheet metal, the main classification is as follows:

1 ) FR-4: glass cloth substrate

2 ) FR-1 , FR-2, etc.: paper substrate

3 ) CEM series: composite substrate

4 ) Special material substrate (ceramic, metal base, etc.): FR-4 is laminated board product made from special electronic cloth impregnated with epoxy resin, processed by high temperature and pressure.

Features: High mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance and have a good machine machinability .

Uses: insulation structural components for electrical machinery, electrical equipment , including the various styles of switch, FPC electrical appliances insulation, carbon film printed circuit board, computer drilling pad, die fixture ( PCB test frame), in wet conditions and transformer oil.