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Introduction about 3240 Epoxy Phenolic Glass Cloth Laminated Board

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Product Description This product is made by electrical alkali-free glass fiber cloth impregnated with epoxy phenolic resin, and then baked, hot pressed. The la

Product Description


This product is made by electrical alkali-free glass fiber cloth impregnated with epoxy phenolic resin, and then baked, hot pressed. The laminated board has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and has good machinability, heat resistance of which is grade B. The laminated board can be used for motor, electrical equipment as insulation components, as well as in the hot environment and transformer oil. This product is made of epoxy resin and glass cloth, model 3240, high mechanical properties at a moderate temperature, stable electrical properties at high temperatures. It can be used as insulating structural parts for machines, electrical equipment and electronic industry.


Technical Requirements


1. Appearance: the surface should be smooth, no bubbles, wrinkles, or crack, no obvious scratch traces and overheating. Glass cloth tube with wall thickness over 13 mm, tiny cracks between end surface layers and small buckling are allowed.


2. The width and length are greater than 450-980mm, and the allowedtolerance is±15mm.


Main Application


With stable electrical conductivity, smoothness, smooth surface, no pits, standard thickness tolerance, the product is suitable for products with high-performance electronic insulation requirements, such as FPC stiffener, PCB drilling pad, glass fiber meson, potentiometer carbon Film printing glass fiber board, precision planetary gears (wafer grinding), precision test plates, electrical (electrical) equipment insulation bar partitions, insulation pads, transformer insulation panels, motor insulation, grinding gears, electronic switch insulation panels.

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The FR-4 is a kind of base plate with epoxy resin as adhesive and electronic glass fiber cloth as reinforcing material. Bonding sheet and inner core copper clad plate are important base material for making multi-layer printed circuit board. FR-4 has higher mechanical properties, dimensional stability, impact resistance, moisture resistance than paper substrate. Its electrical performance is excellent, the working temperature is higher, and its performance is less affected by the environment. In the processing technology, it has greater advantages than other resin fiberglass cloth substrate. Such products are mainly used for double-sided PCB, and in a large amount.


Epoxy glass cloth board, the most widely used product model is FR-4. Due to the development of electronic product installation technology and PCB technology, high Tg FR-4 products are also developed.




Epoxy laminated glass cloth tube is made by using a non-alkali electrical glass fiber cloth as a substrate, epoxy resin as a binder and being heated, baked and cured. (Referred to as Epoxy Glass Cloth Tube).




Temperature classification Class B, compact structure, low water absorption, high mechanical and electrical properties, suitable to be used as insulation structural components for electrical equipment.