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Epoxy Board Application and Epoxy Resin Properties

Epoxy boards are produced by heating and pressing epoxy resins. Here, the epoxy resin refers to an organic polymer compound containing two or more epoxy groups in the molecule. In addition, their relative molecular mass is not high, so the mechanical properties can be high at medium temperatures and the electrical properties are stable under high humidity.

The molecular structure of the epoxy resin epoxy board is characterized by the presence of reactive epoxy groups in the molecular chain, epoxy groups can be located at the end of the molecular chain, in the middle or into a ring structure. Due to the presence of reactive epoxy groups in the molecular structure, they can be cross-linked with various types of curing agents to form insoluble, infusible polymers having a three-dimensional network structure.

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The epoxy board made of this unique material is suitable for high insulation structural parts for machinery, electrical appliances and electronics because of its high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance; it can cause deformation at high temperature of 180°C, but generally not heated with a piece of other metal, which may cause deformation of sheet metal.

The various resins, curing agents, and modifier systems in the epoxy board can almost meet the requirements of various applications on the form. The scope can range from extremely low viscosity to high melting point solids, so the product forms are diverse. Due to the presence of polar hydroxyl groups and ether bonds inherent in the epoxy resin molecular chain, the epoxy board has a very high adhesion to various substances. The shrinkage of the epoxy resin when cured is low and the resulting internal stress is small, which also helps to increase the adhesive strength.

In the production of the epoxy board, the reaction of the epoxy resin and the curing agent used is carried out by direct addition reaction or ring-opening polymerization of the epoxy group in the resin molecule without water or other volatile by-products being emitted. The curing process shows very low shrinkage; and the cured epoxy resin system has excellent mechanical properties.

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