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Commonly Used Motor Insulation Materials

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In the long-term use of motor insulation materials, under the influence of temperature, electrical, mechanical and other aspects, the green insulation performance will gradually deteriorate, which is called insulation aging. Temperature has a great influe

1) Dipping paint in motor insulation materials

The insulation materials is mainly used to impregnate the coils and insulation parts of electrical equipment such as electric motors. It is divided into two types: solvent-based and solvent-free. Diffuse paint with solvent is characterized by good permeability, long storage period, and easy to use. However, it takes a long time to immerse and dry. The lacquer is characterized by fast curing, rapid help and rapid fluidity and permeability, excellent physical properties, and less deep hair during painting.

2) Cover paint in motor insulation materials

Covering varnish is used to coat the surface of coils and insulation parts after immersion treatment to form a continuous and uniform surface insulation protection film to prevent mechanical damage and erosion by oil and chemicals, and improve surface discharge voltage.

3) Non-impregnated fiber products in motor insulation materials

Non-impregnated fiber products include activated alkali-free glass fiber cloth, alkali-free glass fiber, alkali-free glass fiber sleeves, etc., which have the characteristics of high heat resistance, low water absorption, soft mulberry, high tensile strength, and good electrical properties. .

motor insulating materials

4) Electrical films and composite products in motor insulation materials

Films and composite products for electrical purposes refer to films made of synthetic grease, such as polypropylene molds, etc., whose writing is 0m. It can be used for insulation of electric appliances and other electrical appliances. It has a soft texture, a front test and good mechanical and electrical properties. The composite product is a composite made of a layer of fiber material, such as paper and cloth, on one or both sides. The main role of materials is to strengthen the mechanical properties of the film, improve tensile strength and surface flatness. It is mainly used for slot insulation and end insulation of small and medium-sized motors.

5) Insulating glue in motor insulation materials

The insulating glue in the insulation material of the motor refers to the emperor-like material that can be self-formed at a certain temperature and pressure at the shore temperature. It has good insulation performance and is easy to use. It is suitable for the insulation of sound windings of electrical appliances such as motors.

motor insulating materials

6) Insulation laminates in motor insulation materials

Motor insulation laminates are also called laminates, tubes, etc.), insulation laminates are organic or inorganic fibers, dip-coated with different adhesives, and laminated with a heat insulation (or rolled) insulation. material.

motor insulating materials