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Unit type AC metal closed ring network switchgear

Unit type AC metal closed ring network switchgear

Description of Unit type AC metal closed ring network s […]


Description of Unit type AC metal closed ring network switchgear

HXGN口-12(SF6) Unit type AC metal-enclosed ring main unit(hereafter refer to as ring network cabinet) is a new generation of high-pressure electric appliance product designed and developed independently by our own company according to the requirement of the domestic agricultural electricity and the city net transformation after introduction of overseas advanced technology.Each technical performance index completely reaches the IEC298 and GB3906 standard.

The loop-net cabinets main switch,the operating mechanism and the components is made of the ABB Corporation original piece or the SFL-12/24 switch equipment imported overseas and assembled at home.We can also install the ABB Corporation original piece of HAD/US type SF according to the request of users.The circuit breaker or the VD4-Svacuum circuit-breaker divide into two kinds:be operated manually and electrically according to the operating mode.

The cabinet body is riveted after processed by numercial control machine tool with reliable mechanical interlocking and the misoperating prevention function.The protection grade reaches IP3X. This product has the remarkable characteristics such as the small volume,light weight,aetistic appearance,simple operation,long life,high parameter with no pollution and little maintenance.

Use environmental conditions

1. The altitude should not exceed 2000m.

2. Surrounding air temperature:-25℃~+40℃.

3. Relative temperature: the daily average value ≤95%, the monthly average value≤90%. 4. Surrounding air without caustic gas or ignitable gas, steam and other obvious pollution.

4. Without fierce vibration.


HXGN□-12 (SF6)unit type exchange metal ring-net switching equipment,is suitable to exchange 50Hz,12Kv,searving as device of receiving and distribution of electrical energy.

Structutal features and working principle

The outline structure of the product is referred to as diagram land diagram 2; the installation dimension is referred to as diagram 3.This ring network type cabinet makes air as the insulating medium, mainly assembled with ZFN口-10/630 type vacuum load switch.And there are two cabinet schemes-incoming cabinet and outgoing cabinet.

1.Incoming cabinet scheme

There is a ZFN口-10/630type vacuum load switch on the main circuit inside the cabinet with isolating knife,and grounding knife conditionally.The three of them are all installed in one machine stand and there are interlocks among them, so that it is realized to connect the operation of three working stations of bus, isolation and grounding.Inside the cabinet the componentssuch as CT,PY are available.

2.Outgoing cabinet scheme

ZFN口-10/630 type vacuum load switch, fuse with striker(used as isolating switch) and grounding knife on the main circuit inside the cabinet, and the three working stations operation can be realized, Inside the cabinet the componments such as CT/PT and ZNO arrester are availble,so the metering cabinet can be omitted.Inside the incoming cabinet and outgoing cabinet,there is insulationg protecting baffle interlocked with grounding switch.And inside the cabinets,the mechanical interlocks are adopted between each switch and baffle as well as the cabinet door with the requirement of “five-prevention” and IP2X of the protection degree of the cabinet enclosure.

Naintenance and repair

1.After the cabinet is open, check all of the insulation pieces and disassemble the damp ones,put them into 70-80 drying box, and take out for debugging again after 48 hours drying.

2.If the product is damp or rusty during the storage,please clean it at once and protect it well

3.Maintenance and repair should be done to ring network cabinet during operation.

(1) .Vacuum extent of vacuum arc-extinguishing room

(2) .Contact abrasion degree

(3) .Whether the fastening pieces are loose or not;

(4) .Mechanical electric parameter such as open travel,over travel.

(5) .Whether the running is flexible or not;

(6) .Whether the interlock is reliable or not;

(7) .Whether all of the parts are clean,especially for insulation fittings.

4.Do overall examination and debugging to ring network cabinet in following conditions:

(1) .Routine examination and cleaning for every

(2) .After every 2000 times operation of load switch


Ring network cabinet should be stored in the dry and ventilated warehouse with temperature of -30℃~+40℃.

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