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Special-shaped Insulating Tube

Special-shaped Insulating Tube

Description of Special-shaped Insulating Tube Special-s […]


Description of Special-shaped Insulating Tube

Special-shaped insulating tube is tube-like laminated products with non-circular cross-section, which is made of fiberglass cloth or fiberglass yarn, soaked in special resin with high temperature resistance, and then rolled, baked and cured under heat and hot pressing.

It has higher mechanical property, dielectric property and excellent machinability.

Application of Special-shaped Insulating Tube

It is suitable for insulating structural spares in electrical equipment like small-sized transformer and reactors.

Advantage of Special-shaped Insulating Tube

Based on different application requirements, the special-shaped insulating tube produced by ZTelec Group mainly includes B-class and F-class products.

    •  Reasonable content ratio of insulating resin


    •  Stable voltage resistance at lamination


    •  High-quality thin-layer insulation


  •  High stability and high reliability in long-term operation.


Property Parameter of Special-shaped Insulating Tube

Number Item Unit Value
1 Density g/cm3 1.62-1.85
2 Flexural MPa ≥150
3 Volume Resistivity MΩ·m ≥108
4 Voltage Resistance at Perpendicular Lamination v/mm ≥6000


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