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NHN/AMA/AHA Electrical Insulation Paper

NHN/AMA/AHA Electrical Insulation Paper

Type: insulation composite material, Insulation Materials
Application:High Voltage
Thickness: 0.15-0.35mm
Width: 980(mm)


Difference among NHN,AMA and AHA

Name 6640 NMN 6650 NHN AMA AHA
Material Nomex paper+Polyester film+Nomex paper Nomex paper+Polyimide film +Nomex paper Aramid paper+Polyester film+Aramid paper Aramid paper+Polyimide film+Aramid paper
Temperature Resistance Class F/H Class H Class F Class F

 Application of NMN,NHN,AMA and AHA

They can be used for slot insulation, liner insulation and turn-to-turn insulation in stator windings in motors and electrical appliances.

At the same time, it is also used for interlayer insulation, end seal insulation, and liner insulation of dry-type transformers.

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