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Polyester enamelled round copper wire

Polyester enamelled round copper wire

1.Thermal class: 130
2.Conductor: Copper
3.Diameter: class 1 and c lass 2, ф0.018mm--ф2.500mm round enameled copper wire Class 3, ф0.040mm--0.450mm

Product Details

1.Product feature:

High breakdown voltage
Excellent solvent resistance, radiation resistance
Has a resistance to refrigerant performanceGood tolerance for high-low temperature impact
2. Main application:
It is suitable for use in all kinds of motors, such as electric motors, fan motors, vacuum motors. And for electrical appliances, telecommunication instruments abd radio electronic equipment for use in a variety of harsh environments or high temperature requirements and can be used under special conditions such as nuclear reactors and space flying.

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