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Diamond Dotted Insulating Paper

Diamond Dotted Insulating Paper

Type:Insulation Paper
Thickness: 8Oum 130um 180um 200um 250um 300um
Width: 625mm 980mm (Ribbon is available.)
Rool diameter: 250~300mm
Weight of each roll: 45~60Kg


Description of Diamond Dotted Insulating Paper

Diamond dotted insulating paper is one of insulating materials, which is made of electrical Kraft paper coated on one side or both sides with modified special epoxy resin in diamond-shaped form. It has higher electrical strength and mechanical property.

Application of Diamond Dotted Insulating Paper

It is widely used in layer-to-layer insulation and turn-to-turn insulation for oil-immersed power transformer, as well as shielding isolating layer of cables, and anti-corona material for high voltage motors and electrical equipment.

Application of Diamond Dotted Insulating Paper

When diamond dotted insulating paper, produced by ZTelec Group, is used, the coated layer begins to melt at a certain temperature during the drying process of coil, meanwhile results in adhesion, and then solidifies as the temperature increases making the adjacent layers of winding bonded firmly into a fixed unit.

The bonding strength of epoxy resin is sufficient to prevent the displacement of winding layers due to short circuit force so as to ensure the electrical and mechanical properties of insulating structure in the long-term operation.

The diamond-shaped coated layer of resin ensures the immersion of oil and the discharge of air in the insulating material, effectively avoiding corona and partial discharge, thereby ensuring the safety and reliability of insulating structure.

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