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Silicone glass cloth laminate Nema G7 Sheet Tube

Heat resistance rating: Class H ( 180 ° C)Thickness: 0.3-100mmSize:2000*1000 /1200*2020 , support customizationDensity: 1.8~1.95 mmColor: White/light green

Silicone glass cloth laminate(G7)

Silicone glass cloth laminate is a laminate made of electrician alkali-free glass cloth impregnated with silicone resin and dried and hot pressed. This product has high heat resistance and is suitable for H-class electrical and electrical insulation parts. As an arc resistant material in switches.

SIGC201 silicon laminated glass cloth board has excellent dielectric loss and insulation resistance in dry state, good electrical properties in wet state, high heat resistance, and excellent arc resistance.

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