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Black Anti-static Fiberglass Board

Black anti-static fiberglass board is board-like laminated products created by fiberglass cloth and anti-static resin, and it has high mechanical strength and good anti-static effect.Thickness:0.5~50mm Specification:1020×1220mm;1020×2040mm

Description of Black Anti-static Fiberglass Board

 Black anti-static fiberglass board, produced by ZTelec Group taking high-quality fiberglass cloth and anti-static resin with high mechanical strength as raw materials. ZTelec Group is equipped with advanced production equipment and full automatic production line and can meet the customers’ demands of mass production. This product has the advantages of reliable quality, uniform appearance and color, and small thickness tolerance with strict manufacturing technology. The mechanical and electrical properties of products are superior to the similar one of other companies. Its quality is recognized by domestic and foreign large enterprises such as Lens Technology in China and Schneider Electric and sold overseas such as European and American areas. Its resistance value is 10^6-10^8Ω and it possesses stable anti-static performance, high mechanical strength, excellent processability, thermal and moisture resistance.

Advantage of Black Anti-static Fiberglass Board

Application of Black Anti-static Fiberglass Board

Anti-static board possesses good anti-static effect that can be divided into local effect of product surface and overall effect of the whole product with equal anti-static value of every part, the former is suitable for making worktable, and the later is suitable for making moulds and fixtures and so on. Black anti-static fiberglass board can be widely used in the construction of factory building (semiconductor, LCD, electronics, optics and medicine, etc.), shelter of equipment in the clean room, spatial partition of clean room, clean equipment, observation window and equipment cover, electronic test fixture, etc.

Parameter of Black Anti-static Fiberglass Board(GB/T1 303.2-2009IEC60893-2:2003

Item Property Unit Requirement Testresult
1.    Density g/cm3 ——   1.96
2.  Water absorption mg —— 6.7
3.  Flexural strength perpendicular to laminations   MPa   ——   507
4.  Charpy impact strength parallel to laminations(Notched)   kJ/m² ——   49.9
5.  Electric strength perpendicular to laminations (at90C±2℃ in 25#transformer oil,20s step-by-step test,φ25mm/φ75mmcylindrical  electrode)       kV/mm       ——       4.1
6.  Breakdown voltage parallel to laminations(at 90℃±2°℃in 25#transformer oil,20s step-by-step test,φ130mm/φ130mm plate electrode)       kV       ——       11.0
7.  Relative Permittivity(50Hz) —— —— 32.6
8.  Dielectric dissipation factor(50Hz) —— ——   11.1
9.  Insulation resistance after immersion in water(Taper pin electrodes, 25.0mm gap) Ω ——   1.3X107
10.  Flammability(vertical method) Class —— V-0
11.  Surface resistance Ω —— 4.5×106


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