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NEMA G-10/EPGC201/HGW2372/EP1 Epoxy Fiberglass Laminated Board

Colour: Green, Yellow, Black; Thermal Charactersitices:130℃(Class F); Density:1.95-2.05G/Cm3; Thickness:0.5mm-200mm; Standard size: 1020*1220,1220*2040,1220*2440,1020*2020 (Support Customization)

1.Description of Nema G10 sheet

a.Colorful G10 fiberglass laminated board is also called epoxy resin alkali-free fiberglass laminated board.

b.It is made by electronic grade fiberglass cloth impregnated with heat-resistant epoxy resin under hot pressing

2.Characteristic of Nema G10 sheet

a.Stable electrical insulation property

b.Good flatness, smooth surface

c.Standard thickness tolerance

3.FR4 VS G10

a.The color, parameter and properity is similar between g10 and fr4

b.The difference is fr4 with flame retardant properties, and the flame retardant grade is UL94-V0 grade (after 10 seconds of burning test, the flame is extinguished within 30 seconds, no burning matter falls). G10 is not.

c.FR-4 is the grade most widely in use today. G-10, the predecessor to FR-4, lacks FR-4's self-extinguishing flammability characteristics. Hence, FR-4 has since replaced G-10 in most applications.

4.Application of Nema G10 sheet

a. FPC reinforced board

b.Precision star wheel

c.Surfboard fin, boat fin

d.Electronic switch insulation board 

e.Knife handle

f.Copper clad plate substrate

g.Insulation parts for transformer and motor

h.Lithium battery packaging

i. Backsheet for jackery solar panel

5.Why Choose ZTelec Group

a. Automatic Coating: Glue evenly, strictly control PP sheet move.

b. Fully automatic special equipment: Without one machine multi-purpose, which can guarantee product quality stability.

c.Quality testing: Strict factory inspection, total quality management TQM

d. Processing Service: According to your requirements, we process and customize on time and quality

e.UL,SGS and ROSH certificates are complete, and sample testing can be provided

6.Parameter of Nema G10 Fiberglass Laminated Board

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