Laminated Phenolic Cotton Cloth Tube

 FAQ     |      2018-02-03 14:23:28

Which type can your company produce for this phenolic cotton cloth tube?

 We can produce 21yarn and 32yarn. 

 What is the density of these 2 products? 

 For 21 yarn, the density is 1.3g/m3. For 32 yarn, the density is 1.4g/m3.

 What are the thickness and length of this product you can provide?

 For the thickness, we can produce as your demand, and the length usually is 1000mm for one piece. Extra processing fee is necessary for the customized size.

 How about the Electrical Strength of this product?

 The Parallel Breakdown Voltage is greater than or equal to 25KV in 90 ℃ transformer oil.

 What is the application of this product?

 Usually used as High-speed bearing cage, discharge rod tube and etc.

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