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Our FR4 Epoxy Sheet Order Was Signed with A Laos Customer Today

time:2020-01-02 14:05:50 Author:

Our FR4 epoxy sheet order was signed with a Laos customer today, which used for the transformer insulation.

Our FR4 epoxy sheet order was signed with a Laos customer today. Customers apply to transformer insulation boards. The customer chose an insulation board of 1020mm * 1220mm. This product is a plate-shaped insulating material made of glass fiber cloth impregnated with epoxy resin as an adhesive and dried and hot-pressed. It has high mechanical properties, water absorption, flame retardancy and heat resistance, and the dielectric properties are stable after immersion in water. Customers have been struggling with which epoxy board to choose, is it G10, G11 or FR4? Our business manager recommended FR4 to the customer after determining where it was used. Why is FR4 more suitable?

FR4 Epoxy Sheet.jpg

Product features of FR4 epoxy sheet:
1. Various colors: Compared with 3240 yellow, FR-4 epoxy sheet is available in white, yellow, aqua green, and black colors. And the surface is smooth and free of bubbles, and the appearance is beautiful.
2. Fire rating: UL94V0, the highest level of fire protection. Different from the general fire rating, UL94V0 has reached the fire and flame retardant effect. It can self-extinguish in a short time after the material passes through the burning state, escorting the safety of life and property.
3. Strong insulation: FR-4 epoxy sheet has very strong natural insulation performance. In dry and wet states, the electrical performance is still very good. It is the best choice for high-end electrical insulation.
4. High-quality and practical: FR-4 still has good adaptability in different environments. It can be used whether it is minus 100 ℃ or high temperature 130 ℃.
5. Wide range of applications: Because of the high-quality performance of FR-4, coupled with strong plasticity, it is widely used in electrical and electronic insulation parts as well as aircraft, motor vehicles, transformer insulation boards, precision star wheels, and so on.
Based on these characteristics of FR4 epoxy sheet, the business manager recommended FR4 and the customer was very satisfied. We finally placed our order for FR4 epoxy sheet.