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Russian Customer Inspects Phase Shifting Transformer Performance Test

time:2019-12-31 09:41:02 Author:

Here is our Russian customers, who inspects phase shifting transformer performance test

The performance test of the finished product of the phase shifting transformer of the Russian customer was carried out in our factory yesterday. Our technicians operate the transformer comprehensive performance test bench on site.

Transformer comprehensive performance test bench is a special test equipment for measuring transformer, no-load short circuit, transformation ratio, DC resistance, voltage insulation and control. The system adopts fully automatic computer control, which can display the transformer's primary voltage, current, power, secondary voltage, withstand voltage, current, DC resistance and other parameters. Wide linear range, good reading repeatability and stable performance.
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Because the phase shifting transformer comprehensive performance test bench requires professional personnel to operate, our technicians test the various performances of the finished transformer product and provide the customer with the test results on site. Each data is within the standard range values. The customer is very satisfied.