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Epoxy Glass Fiberboard Orders from Iran Customers

time:2019-12-27 11:20:56 Author:

Here introduce us that epoxy glass fiberboard orders from Iran customers, choose FR4, G11, G10.

Epoxy glass fiberboard orders from Iran customers today arrived our factory in Xuchang. They used for the transformers. The customer went to the factory to visit the manufacturing process of epoxy glass fiberboard and the materials we used. Mainly saw FR-4, G11, G10. On the recommendation of the business manager, the customer chose FR-4 glass fiber board. The customer was very satisfied with the product, and after determining the product price, the customer decisively placed a sample list. After use, customers will add more.

Epoxy glass fiberboard.jpg

Customers mainly took a look of Mainly saw FR-4, G11, G10. They are a little different.

G10 Epoxy glass fiberboard is a glass fiber and resin laminated composite material, which means that glass fiber contains 10%. G10 material has the characteristics of insulation, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. G10 is a composite material made of glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin. It was originally developed as an aircraft material, which can withstand great forces without breaking deformation. G-10 will not be penetrated by water vapor and liquid, and has the characteristics of insulation, acid and alkali resistance, and weight. G-10 is harder and more expensive than ZYTEL. Generally, it has black, red, blue, green and other colors, and some G-10 have two levels of color at the same time. The texture and performance of G-10 are better than ZYTEL.

FR-4 Epoxy glass fiberboard is made of glass fiber material and high heat-resistant composite material, and does not contain asbestos components which are harmful to human body. It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good processability.

G11 Epoxy glass fiberboard is made of imported epoxy-free glass fiber cloth impregnated with imported epoxy resin, and added with corresponding imported flame retardants, adhesives and other additives; cardboard-like insulation material processed by hot pressing. Flame retardant grade UL94-VO grade, `` good mechanical properties at high temperature, '' with good processability and insulation properties.

At last, accordding the use of the customers, we suggest G11 to him. He agreed that.

FR 4 Epoxy glass fiberboard