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Customers from Russia, Need the Phase-shifting Transformer

time:2019-12-25 09:20:50 Author:

Here introduce our customers from Russia, who need the the Phase-shifting transformer, which are mainly used in building lighting.

Welcome our Russia customers for the Phase-shifting transformer, which are mainly used in building lighting. Phase-shifting transformer is a kind of rectifier transformer. Rectifier transformers are power transformers for rectifier equipment. The rectifier is characterized by the input of the original side AC, and the secondary side outputs DC after passing the original rectification.

Phase Shifting Transformer

Many friends do not familar with the Phase-shifting transformer, also include our Russia customers, the PST is our sales manager adviser, we advice the transformer type according his use. 
The single-phase conduction effect of the rectifier device causes the distortion of the alternating magnetic field waveform of the rectifier transformer; the magnitude of the distortion depends on the ratio of the DC capacity to the grid capacity, the frequency of the harmonic current flowing into the grid, and the number of harmonics. One of the effective ways to suppress harmonics is to phase-shift the high-voltage side of the rectifier transformer. This method can basically eliminate low-order harmonics with large amplitudes.
Now you know more clearly about the Phase-shifting transformer, and thanks for our Russia customers trust of our products.