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Customers in Taiwan, China: Dry Transformer Finished Product Inspection

time:2019-12-24 12:07:16 Author:

Here introduce our customers in Taiwan, China, who came our factory for dry transformer finished product inspection.

Customers in Taiwan, China, have previously ordered our dry transformers, and a large number of them have been ordered some time ago. This batch of factories has been finished, customers come to the factory today to check the finished products. In addition, the customer asked our technical staff some professional questions, in the process of application, customers want to know whether there are any precautions and maintenance methods. Our technicians gave a detailed introduction.

Dry transformer

Maintenance methods for dry transformers:
1, Put into the backup transformer, disconnect the maintenance of the transformer low-voltage side circuit breaker, remove the operation insurance of the control power supply, in the switch handle hanging "no closing" sign.
2, Disconnect the circuit breaker on the high-voltage side of the service transformer, close the ground switch, fully discharge the transformer, lock the high-voltage cabinet, and hang the "no lock" sign at the switch handle.
3, Dry transformer maintenance, first sweep porcelain casing and shell, second to check the shell, gasket, porcelain casing whether there is rupture, discharge marks or rubber pads with out aging, cable and bus line with deformation
like, if there is a rupture, it should be replaced.
4, Check whether the bus contact surface is kept clean, contact surface should remove the oxidation layer and coated with electric compound grease.
5, Check whether the transformer's ground is good, whether the ground is corroded, corrosion should be replaced.
6, Fastening lead terminals, pins, ground screws, wire bus screws, if loose should be removed screws, or with a fine flat crucible contact surface, or replace spring washers, screws, until contact good
7, Clean the transformer around and accessories on the dust, check the fire facilities and ventilation system is good.
8, Disconnect the high-voltage side of the ground switch, and lock the high-voltage switch knot, with 2500V rocker to determine the insulation resistance. Compared with the pre-factory measurement value of the transformer, the insulation resistance should not be lower than the original factory
70% of the data, if not qualified should be reported to deal with in a timely manner.
9, Close the high-voltage side again ground switch, so that the transformer discharge.
10, Check the pressure room and transformer spout stools, evacuate the scene.
11, Connected with the low-voltage side circuit breaker control power operation insurance, re-hanging "no close" sign, to prevent the transformer back power transmission.
12, Disconnect the high-voltage side ground switch, again check the transformer site and low-voltage side control line, after error-free, close the transformer high-voltage side circuit breaker, let the transformer test run to remove the high-voltage side sign.
13, Detailed maintenance test run record.
After the introduction, customers now more clearly about the Maintenance methods for dry transformers, and also the quality of the transformer have checked already, customers are very satisfied.
Dry Transformer