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Oil-immersed Transformer Selection for Bangladesh Customers

time:2019-12-23 11:58:06 Author:

Here introduce our Oil-immersed transformer selection for bangladesh customers, who supply the transformers for their domestic construction projects.

This Bangladeshi customer is dedicated to the domestic construction projects to provide transformers, customers have previously ordered our dry transformers, recently a new project, need some oil immersion transformers, so customers come to the factory to see the oil immersion transformer situation.

Oil-immersed transformers:
1, Non-closed oil immersion transformers: mainly S8, S9, S10 and other products, in industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture and civil construction widely used.
2, Closed oil immersion transformers: mainly S9, S9-M, S10-M and other products, mostly used in the petroleum, chemical industry oil, multi-chemical sites.
3, Sealed oil immersion transformer: mainly BS9, S9-, S10-, S11-MR, SH, SH12-M and other products, can be used for industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture, civil construction and other places for power distribution.
 oil immersion transformers
Temperature environment of oil immersion transformers
(1) Maintain long-term stability at a temperature of 220 degrees C
(2) Can withstand short-term operation at 350 degrees C temperature
(3) Maintain stable performance in a wide range of temperature and humidity
(4) Will not melt, flow and fuel at a temperature of 250 degrees C
(5) No toxic or corrosive gases will be released at a temperature of 750 degrees C
In the detailed description of the technical staff, the customer quickly learned the specifics of the  oil immersion transformers we provided. Because of previous cooperation, so the customer understand these, go back to confirm the specific needs, and then you can place an order.