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Contract with Iraqi Customers with Dry Transformer

time:2019-12-23 11:15:29 Author:

Here introduce us that the contract with Iraqi customers with dry transformer has made, and the reason why customers choose us transformers.

This Iraqi customer's dry transformer needs to be relatively large, so the transfer came to the country, arranged for a week of formation, to learn more about the strength of our factory, dry transformers and related insulation materials quality. Why do customers choose us as their sole supplier? Whether it is dry transformeror or transformer insulation material.

dry type transformer

Zhengzhou ZTelec offers a full range of dry transformers meets all major standards, including international standards IEC and ANSI. To reduce fire risk and environmental pollution, customers are increasingly choosing dry transformers. They meet the demanding requirements of different power systems and extreme weather conditions. ABB dry pouring transformers are completely maintenance-free and are manufactured in strict accordance with industry and international standards, including ISO9001 requirements.

Why choose us Zhengzhou ZTelec?

1.We have more than 60 years of market experience
2. Our transformers and insualtion materials cover the perfect technology solution for the continuous development of all applications
3. Our factory has always focused on the continuous innovation and research and development of our customers
More than 44,000 ZTelec Group transformers operate worldwide
Perhaps it is for this reason that customers have done all-round research on our dry transformer, and the strength of the company has done a survey, and finally decided to reach a cooperation with us!