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Welcome Indian Customers for the Epoxy Tube

time:2019-12-23 10:39:13 Author:

Here introduce us that Indian customers factory visit start today, which mainly for the machispace process of the epoxy tube and for quality standards.

Indian customers visit mainly for the machispace process of the epoxy tube and for quality standards. The main purpose of the customer's visit to the factory is to determine whether the technical parameters of this epoxy pipe meet the standards of their project, so our clerk sits directly with the customer to the insulation material plant, which is our factory in Xuchang. Just our entire line of technical staff are online, about the epoxy tube in the small details of the problem, our technical staff have introduced the customer in detail. And solve the customer's doubts.

The production process of epoxy pipe can be divided into wet rolls, dry rolls, squeeze slag, wire wrap molding 4 kinds.
epoxy tube
The epoxy tube is an electro-alkali-free fiberglass cloth immersed in epoxy resin, processed by the heat pressure in the baking and molding mold, the cross-section is, the round rod glass cloth rod has high mechanical properties. Dielectric performance and good machining. Suitable for insulation components in electrical equipment and can be used in wet environments and transformer oil.
The appearance of the epoxy tube: the surface should be smooth, free of bubbles, oil and impurities, allowing the use of color inequality, bruising, slight high and low inequality, wall thickness of more than 3mm of epoxy tube allows the end or section to have cracks without hindering the use of the cracks.
The end customer decides to place an order with us.