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Phenolic Cotton Sheets Orders from Indian Customer

time:2019-12-20 17:50:03 Author:

Here shows us that our orders for phenolic cotton sheets from Indian customers are set today, which is used for the electrical equipment.

Orders for phenolic cotton sheets from Indian customers are set today. Our Indian customers are mainly used in electrical equipment. In electrical equipment, phenolic cotton board is a good choice of insulation material.

phenolic cotton sheets

Phenolic cotton cloth laminate sheet is made of cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin and dried and hot-pressed. 3136 is a laminated board made of bleached cloth impregnated with phenolic resin and hot-pressed. 3025 phenolic cotton cloth board has high mechanical properties, suitable for use as insulation structural parts in machinery, electrical machinery, electrical equipment, and can be used in transformer oil. 3136 has high mechanical strength and is suitable for parts such as rubber gear bushes, guide wheels and other mechanical products.The surface of the phenolic cotton laminate sheet should be flat, no bubbles, hemp eyes, and impurities are allowed, and a small amount of spots are allowed. The edges shall be cut neatly and the end face shall be free from delamination and cracks.The end customer chose 3025 phenolic cotton cloth board, and we also promised to issue a sample sheet within 7 days and a finished product sheet within 30 days.