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Orders from Pakistan Customers for Fiberglass Sleeving

time:2019-12-20 16:31:30 Author:

Customers from Pakistan arranged a trip to our factory for the fiberglass sleeving. We introduce the application area of the sleeving to customers.

Customers from Pakistan arranged a trip to our factory, but because of the tight schedule, the customer directly looked at the finished product of our fiberglass sleeving. Customers are mainly used in coil wrapping, insulations. There are many customers who don't know much about fiberglass sleeving, so we can give a brief introduction to his application area.

fiberglass sleeving

Glassfiber sleeving can be used in industrial electronic wiring, coil wrapping, mechanical and electrical support, terminal connection, pipeline corrosion prevention, computer peripheral, electrical instrumentation, power communications, navigation almanate, photoelectric communications, automobile, military industry, metallurgy, petrochemical, electricity and other fields;

Fiberglass sleeving parameters:

Temperature resistance of fiberglass sleeving: 600 degrees C;

Pressure 1.2 kV-7.0 kV;

When we choose insulation materials, like fiberglass sleeving, we can tell us the parameters of professional and technical personnel according to their own needs, he will recommend the relevant insulation products for you, so that we can choose a better suit edfon for their own products.