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Customers from Iran Choose Dry Type Transformer

time:2019-12-20 16:02:50 Author:

Customers from Iran mainly want transformers in high-rise buildings, our technicians directly recommend dry type transformer to customers.

Customers from Iran mainly want transformers in high-rise buildings, but it is not clear whether to choose a dry type transformer or oil type transformer. Our technicians and sales managers, upon learning of the customer's use, know that they are in the building and directly recommend dry type transformer to customers. What are the reasons why technicians recommend dry type transformer?

dry type transformer

Because the dry type transformer has the advantages of strong short-circuit resistance, small maintenance work, high operating efficiency, small size and low noise, the dry type transformer is often used in fire prevention, explosion-proof and other places with high performance requirements.
1. Safety, fire prevention, no pollution, can be directly run in the load center;
2. The use of advanced domestic technology, high mechanical strength, strong ability to resist short-circuit, small partial discharge, good thermal stability, high reliability, long service life;
3. Low loss, low noise, energy saving effect is obvious, maintenance-free;
4. Good thermal performance, strong over-load capacity, forced air cooling can improve capacity operation;
5. Good moisture-proof performance, adapt to high humidity and other harsh environment operation;
6. Dry transformers can be equipped with a perfect temperature detection and protection system. Using intelligent signal temperature control system, the operating temperature of the three-phase winding can be automatically detected and displayed, the fan can be automatically started and stopped, and the functions of alarm, tripping and other functions can be set;
7. Small size, light weight, less footprint, low installation costs.
These characteristics determine that dry type transformer are suitable for high-rise buildings, more in line with the customer's use. Customers are also very satisfied. Finally decided to order 5 units in our factory now. It is our pleasure to be able to serve our customers.