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Tanzanian Customer Asks: How Does A Phase Shifting Transformer Work?

time:2019-12-20 12:10:02 Author:

This article show us Tanzanian Customer factory visit for the phase shifting transformer, our technical staff introduce them how does a phase shifting transformer work?

Phase shifting transformer is our main transformer, and it is also the latest rectifier transformer in the electrical industry. This time, our Tanzanian customer came to our factory for the PST details, want to make sure if it is suitable for their project. 

Tanzanian customer csks: how does a phase shifting transformer work?
Phase Shifting Transformer
Phase shifting transformer is a type of rectifier transformer. The single-phase conductive action of the rectifier device causes the distortion of the magnetic field waveform of the rectifier transformer, and the size of the distortion is determined by the proportion of DC capacity to the capacity of the grid and the frequency of the harmonic current flowing into the power grid, as well as the number of harmonics. One of the effective ways to suppress harmonics is to move phase sons on the high-voltage side of the rectifier transformer, which can basically eliminate the low harmonics with large reverberated values.
To say a more white sentence, is toss the transformer's secondary winding, through the different seam of the secondary winding to achieve phase transfer. You can find professional information to find out. Take the more complex extended triangular type connection transformer, is the secondary winding between the triangular and star-shaped connection between a connecting method.
Phase Shifting Transformer