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Filipino Customers Looking Our Electrical Laminated Wood

time:2019-12-20 11:37:52 Author:

Here introduce our Filipino Customers come to our factory which for the visit of Electrical Laminated Wood, and know more details about this products. They used for transformers.

Our customer from the Philippines arrived in Zhengzhou this afternoon and started a factory tour and contract signing. Customers have a total of 3 days of scheduling. Customers mainly come to see our electrical laminated wood for transformers, which is a good choice for the insulation materials.

Electrical Laminated Wood

This electrical insulation laminated wood is made of high-quality birch wood, steamed, rotated, dried, coated with special insulation glue, and then made of high temperature and high pressure. This electrical insulated  wood can be processed into insulation and supporting components such as coil plates, iron core pads and lead support for transformers or transformers or transformers. Also it can be used in transformer oil for long periods of time. It is used to manufacture insulation components such as transformers and coil transformers, iron core cushions, lead holders, etc. Our customer mainly used it in the transformers insulations. 

Our Filipino customers are very fatisfied with our electrical insulation laminated wood, it is suitable for their transformer production. And then we made the contract. And paid the 30% payment thorough TT. 

 Electrical Laminated Wood

After the factory and office visit, we arrnage the lunch of the days. All have a good day.