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India Customers Came Factory for the Fr 4 Fiberglass Sheet

time:2019-12-19 15:39:18 Author:

Here shows our India customers visit to our factory for the products Fr 4 fiberglass sheet used for the transformers.

Welcome our India customers! Our customers came our factory mainly for the Fr 4 fiberglass sheet for the transformer insulations. Our customer have a transformer factory which supplied in India, they need some insulations for the production. "Our sales manager introduced warmly about our factory, our products, and bringing customers to the factory. And introduce the FR 4 sheet size which suitable for their transformer.


Here we arrived the Fr 4 fiberglass sheet work shop and product warehouse, customers are satisfied with the color and size of FR 4, also they need customize some thickness of the products, it is easy for our technichels. At the begining, the customers just know they want fiberglass sheet, but do not know Fr 4, The surface colors of FR-4 epoxy glass cloth laminate are: Yellow FR-4, white FR-4, black FR-4, blue FR-4, etc.The customers choose the yellow one.  FR-4 epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate is a kind of substrate with epoxy resin as the adhesive and electronic grade glass fiber cloth as the reinforcing material. Its adhesive sheet and inner core thin copper-clad board are important base materials for making multilayer printed circuit boards.


Fr 4 fiberglass sheet

FR-4 epoxy glass fiber board (epoxy board), the main material is imported prepreg, the colors are white, yellow, green, and still have high mechanical strength at room temperature 150 ℃, good electrical properties in dry and wet conditions, resistance Insulation structural parts used in industries such as electricity and electronics are carefully manufactured using imported raw materials, domestic presses and standard processes; the main specifications are 1000 * 2000 mm 1020mm * 1220mm, because of the advantages of raw materials, which guarantees high quality and good prices Cheap and timely delivery, has a solid customer base at home and abroad, and enjoys a high reputation. 

It is suitable for products that require high-performance electronic insulation, such as FPC reinforcement boards, PCB drilling pads, glass fiber mesons, potentiometer carbon film printed glass fiber boards, precision planetary gears (wafer grinding), precision test plates, electrical (Electrical equipment) Insulation support spacers, insulation pads, transformer insulation plates, motor insulation parts, grinding gears, electronic switch insulation plates, etc.

At last, The customer was very satisfied with our product and signed a contract.

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