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10KV Grade Winding Core Oil-immersed Transformer S13-M·RL-30~6100/10

10KV Grade Winding Core Oil-immersed Transformer S13-M·RL-30~6100/10

To enhance insulation and cooling conditions, the core and windingofs of the transformer are immersed together in a tank filled with transformer oil, which is an oil-immersed transformer.

Product Details

Performance Characteristics of 10KV Grade Winding Core Oil-immersed Transformer:

1, Oil-immersed transformer low-voltage winding in addition to small capacity using copper wire, generally use copper foil around the shaft of the cylinder structure, high-voltage winding using multi-layer cylinder structure, so that the winding of the safety balance, small leakage, high mechanical strength, strong ability to resist short circuit.

2, Iron heart and winding each adopted fastening measures, machine height, low-pressure lead and other fastening parts are self-locking anti-loose nuts, the use of non-hanging structure, can withstand the shock of transport.

3, Coil and iron core using vacuum drying, transformer oil using vacuum filter oil and oil injection process, so that the transformer internal moisture to minimize.

4, The tank using corrugated, it has a breathing function to compensate for the change in the volume of oil caused by temperature changes, so the product does not have a storage tank, obviously reduce the height of the transformer.

5, Because the corrugated plate replaced the oil storage cabinet, so that transformer oil isolated from the outside world, which effectively preventtheentry of oxygen, water and lead to a decline in insulation performance.

6, According to the above five points of performance, to ensure that the oil immersion transformer in the normal operation does not need to change oil, greatly reducing the maintenance costs of the transformer, while extending the life of the transformer.

Benefits of 10KV Grade Winding Core Oil-immersed Transformer:

1, Transformer oil insulation performance is good, good thermal conductivity, while transformer oil is cheap.

2, Can solve the transformer large-capacity heat dissipation problemand and high voltage insulation problems.

Normal Conditions for Use of 10KV Grade Winding Core Oil-immersed Transformer:

1. Indoor or outdoor snares at altitude snares up to 1000m.

2. Maximum ambient temperature, maximum daily average temperature of 40 degrees C, s.30 degrees C.

3. Maximum annual average temperature : 20 degrees C Minimum temperature - 25 degrees C.

4. Transformers operating under special conditions are available upon user requirements.

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