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SC(B)H15-M-30~1600/10 Series Resin Insulation Amorphous Metal Dry-type Power Transformer

SC(B)H15-M-30~1600/10 Series Resin Insulation Amorphous Metal Dry-type Power Transformer

Dry-type transformers are widely used in local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, terminals, CNC machinery and other places. Simply speaking, dry-type transformers are transformers whose cores and windings are not immersed in insulating oil.

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Product Features of Dry-type power transformer
Amorphous alloy transformer uses amorphous alloy as core, in which the metal atoms inside are arranged in disordered non-crystal sequence.It has lower loss than silicon steel materials, thus resulting in high effciency and energy saving.The area of hysteresis loop in amorphous alloy is far less than that in cold-rolled steel, therefore the loss of iron core is quite low, approximately 70% lower than traditional silicon steel lamination cores, making it be the ideal low-loss energy-saving transformer at present. Due to above features, amorphous alloy transformer has the advantages of less heat, low temperature rise, and stable running performance.

Precautions for Dry-type power transformer:

1. Whether the Dry-type power transformer is abnormal sound and vibration.

2. Whether there is local overheating, harmful gas corrosion, etc. make the insulation surface creep marks and carbonization phenomenon caused by discoloration.

3. The air-cooled device of the Dry-type power transformer is operating normally.

4. High and low-voltage connectorshould be free of overheating. Cable head should be free of leakage, climbing phenomenon.

5. The temperature rise of the winding should be based on the level of the insulation material used in the transformer, and the monitoring temperature rise shall not exceed the specified value.

6. Support porcelain bottles should be free of cracks.

7. Check that the winding press of the Dry-type power transformer is loose.

8. Indoor ventilation, iron core airductshould should be free of dust and debris blockage, iron core no rust or corrosion phenomenon.

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