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35KV Grade Epoxy Resin Cast Dry Type Transformer SC(B)10-30~2500

35KV Grade Epoxy Resin Cast Dry Type Transformer SC(B)10-30~2500

 Voltage: 10KV 11KV 6.6KV 0.4KV
Type: Dry type transformer
Phase: 3 phase

Product Details

This series of epoxy resin cast dry type transformer is used to directly lower electricity network power from 35KV to 400V. In this way, it avoids 10KV transmission section and gre

35KV Grade Epoxy Resin Cast Dry Type Transformer SC(B)10-30~2500
Rated Capacity
Voltage Combination Connection Group Short Circuit Resistance(%) No Load Loss
Load Loss 
No Load 
Current (%)
HV(KV) Tapping Range LV(KV)
30 33


±2×2.5% 0.4 Yyn0

6 380 1210 3.2
50 450 1430 2.8
63 520 1550 2.6
80 580 1800 2.5
100 630 2090 2.4
125 710 2450 2.2
160 790 2810 1.8
200 880 3330 1.8
250 990 3800 1.6
315 1180 4510 1.6
400 1380 5420 1.4
500 1620 6650 1.4
630 1860 7700 1.2
800 2160 9120 1.2
1000 2430 10450 1.0 
1250 2840 12730 0.9
1600 3150 15490 0.9
2000 3830 18240 0.9
2500 4460 24850 0.9

Form of Epoxy resin cast dry type transformer:

1. Open type of epoxy resin cast dry type transformer: is a commonly used form, its body and the atmosphere in direct contact, adapted to a relatively dry and clean room, (the ambient temperature of 20 degrees, relative humidity should not exceed 85%), generally there is air self-cooling and air cooling two cooling ways.

2. Closed of epoxy resin cast dry type transformer: the device is located in a closed shell, and the atmosphere does not directly contact (due to the sealing, poor cooling conditions, mainly used for mining, is explosion-proof type).

3. Pouring type of epoxy resin cast dry type transformer: with epoxy resin or other resin pouring as the main insulation, it is simple structure, small size, suitable for smaller capacity transformers.

Structural Features of Epoxy resin cast dry type transformer:

Because the epoxy resin cast dry type transformer has the advantages of strong short-circuit resistance, small maintenance work, high operating efficiency, small size and low noise, it is often used in fire prevention, explosion-proof and other places with high performance requirements. 

1. Safety, fire prevention, no pollution, can be directly run in the load center;

2. The use of advanced domestic technology, high mechanical strength, strong ability to resist short-circuit, small partial discharge, good thermal stability, high reliability, long service life;

3. Low loss, low noise, energy saving effect of epoxy resin cast dry type transformer is obvious, maintenance-free;

4. Good thermal performance, strong over-load capacity, forced air cooling can improve capacity operation;

5. Good moisture-proof performance, adapt to high humidity and other harsh environment operation;

6. Dry transformers can be equipped with a perfect temperature detection and protection system. Using intelligent signal temperature control system, the operating temperature of the three-phase winding can be automatically detected and displayed, the fan can be automatically started and stopped, and the functions of alarm, tripping and other functions can be set;

7. Small size, light weight, less footprint, low installation costs of epoxy resin cast dry type transformer.

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