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Paper Covered Copper Wire

Paper Covered Copper Wire

Temperature resistance level: 105, 105

Specification range: 2.0-7.0mm, A:1-10mm  B:3-30mm

Production standards: IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS


Product Details

Product Category Specification range Temperature resistance level Production standards package
Paper-covered aluminum round wire  2.0-7.0mm 105 IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS 30kgs/50kg/150kgs
Paper-covered aluminum flat wire  A:1-10mm  B:3-30mm 105 IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS 30kgs/50kg/150kgs
Scope of use  Oil-immersed, transformer and other electrical coil windings

Advantages of paper covered copper wire:

The paper covered wire can be applied to the coil windings of oil-immersed transformers and dry-type transformers such as mobile transformers, traction transformers, column-type distribution transformers, power substations, rectifiers, and electric furnace transformers.

1. Paper covered copper wire can reduce cost, reduce size and weight

The use of insulated dry-type transformers requires relatively few wires and iron cores, thereby reducing capital construction costs. Especially because there is no need for vaults and oil sump, it can be reduced in size and weight; therefore, it is easy to install, and the smaller iron core also means that the no-load loss is reduced.

2. Paper covered copper wire can increase the spare capacity

Transformers using insulation have additional capacity to cope with emergency overload conditions and unexpected expansion, which can greatly reduce the backup plan.

3. Paper covered copper wire can improve reliability

The use of paper-coated electromagnetic wires maintains excellent electrical and mechanical properties throughout the transformer's life. The paper-covered electromagnetic wire is not easy to age, shrinkage and shrinkage resistance, and has strong elasticity, so it can ensure that the transformer can keep the structure tight and can withstand short-circuit impact even after several years of use.

In summary, the use of paper-covered transformers can bring many economic, environmental and safety benefits to users, which can reduce weight and volume, reduce transformer oil, improve safety, reduce transformer oil flammability, and increase capacity And the advantages of reducing energy loss.

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