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Polyurethane enamelled round copper wire

Polyurethane enamelled round copper wire

1.Thermal class: 155
2.Conductor: Copper
3.Diameter: ф0.018mm--ф1.500mm round enameled copper wire

Product Details

Product feature:
Has good flexibility, excellent insulation properties and direct solder performance, high frequency performance, good moisture resistance, and can be colored.
Main application
1. Applicable to the production of higher temperature motor.
2. Electrical winding coil. Can be used for relays, micro-motor, small transformers, ignition coil, water valve, communication equipment with the coil.
3. Due to direct welding property,widely applied to electrical and communications equipment which with more welding hear operating and complex circuit . The enameled wire of the special thick film can be used for vertical and low voltage coils in color TV. Applicable to relays, micro-motors, small transformers and communications equipment.

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