enamelled aluminum Flat and square wire

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Product Parameter
Item Requirement of the standards
Size Flat wire: Side a: 0.40-5.00mm b:0.40-16.00mm
Resistivity 0.017241 / 0.02785Ω.mm2/m
Breakdown Voltage 1000 / 2000V
Heat Shock The minimum Heat shock temperature shall be 200 /220 /240℃
Resistance to solvents Standard solvent. Using a pencil of hardness2H the coating shall not be removed
Appearance Purplish red, Smooth, bright and free from lacquer wart
Packing Plastic or wooden tray packing, the length flat wire can be customized
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High thermal class/High chemical stability/Good mechanical properties /High breakdown voltage, good form ability



Drawing or extruding bare copper (aluminum) wire confirm to national standard, smooth surface, no defects

Good Performance Insulation enamel



Applicable standard or part of the reference standard






Motor / Watt hour meter/ Transformer / Generator / UPS power source / Electric welding machine / Inductive coil